What a good VIP programme should offer

We will tell you one thing – it feels good to be a VIP, even if it is at an online casino. You are treated like royalty. There is the personalised attention to your gaming needs, the special games in which only you can participate, and even faster withdrawals of your winnings. In other words, life is good, when you are a VIP at an online casino.

Choose the right VIP programme

Just like many other things in life, not all VIP programmes are created equal. Some may offer you better rewards, while others may offer you more exclusive games. Then there are those that simply say VIP without any real benefits. Choosing the right loyalty programme can be a highly rewarding experience. We mean this in the figurative and literal sense.

How to choose the best VIP programme

When you consider the fact that a VIP programme is for life, you may as well take the time to select the best one. Just like marriage, there is absolutely no point in getting saddled with the wrong programme. To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of essential things that a good VIP programme should offer you. We have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible:

  • Every cent you bet counts

Some of the best loyalty programmes in the online gaming vertical know how important their VIPs are to them and they will not hesitate to show it as well. Every cent that the player bets leads to something. It can be either a point added to the loyalty programme or a step closer to a handsome reward. They make it count.

  • Personal game manager

This is where things get really good; this is the true VIP experience. Online casinos roll out the red carpet with a highly personalised service. There is a personal game manager at your beck and call to guide you through the best the casino has to offer. This includes secret VIP rounds to which other players are not privy. If you have any queries, the game manager will address them immediately. It does feel good when you can interact with someone who knows your name.

  • Tailor made rewards

This is another benchmark of a top notch VIP programme. If you notice, there is a pattern at play here. The more personalised a loyalty programme is, the better it works. The same holds true for the rewards you receive. A VIP programme that offers gifts and rewards that are more suited to your interests and lifestyle is definitely worth having. Imagine receiving a set of golf clubs because you maintain a keen interest in the game.

  • More cash for less points

When you are a high roller, the rules should be a bit different for you. Otherwise, what is the point of it all? The best VIP programmes allow players to cash in their loyalty points up to 400 times more often than regular players. Welcome to the good life.


Rewards for VIP players – Great service

Getting to VIP status in a casino setting is not hard if you love gambling. You may either make it to VIP by paying to join, or gathering enough loyalty points to qualify. Either way, you must have made some bit of effort in getting to the top. Some casinos even give players an opportunity to go to VIP by giving them discounts on the join fee, or lowering the number of loyalty points needed for a period of time to encourage VIP participation.

Awesome benefits

You may be wondering what the hype is about being a VIP in a casino, but if you have ever been close to the VIP section in land casinos, then you have an idea of what happens. Other than having your own space to discuss business as you gamble, the other benefits of being a casino VIP are numerous.

Have you ever been pressed for money, yet cannot access your payouts because you have not met the threshold? As a VIP you will be able to withdraw any amount of money from your account, and if you experience any challenge doing it then you have a personal account manager to address your concerns. Being stranded on a site can be very frustrating, but VIP members have a faster customer service line, meaning that they don’t wait on the line too long when they are in need of speaking to a customer service representative.

Being a VIP is a special class. For example, players in this group get to sample new games before others do. Also, a VIPs’ opinion is highly valued, and the rate at which casino earnings are converted to cash is higher, meaning that players get more value for their money.

Perhaps the most enticing component of being a casino VIP player is the personalized treatment that players get. Can you imagine getting a birthday card from the casino management? That’s how personal it gets.


Rewards for VIP players – Treats

One thing we definitely agree upon is that being a VIP at an online casino does have some serious benefits. Sure, you need to pump in some serious money, but you could get lucky and earn a jackpot or two. We would like to talk about the gifts you will receive as a VIP that is not related to the game.

Gifts galore

This is perhaps the best part of being on the loyalty programme of a casino as a high roller. The non-gaming gifts that you receive can be really special. For your reading pleasure and convenience, we have listed the various gifts under the different sections. They include:

  • Special Days

Think about birthdays and anniversaries. You stand a chance of receiving a gift that may very well surprise you. It is not beyond the realm of imagination to think than an iPhone or an iPad may find its way to your doorstep. However, we think the best kind of gifts may be reserved for your anniversary. Think vacation at an exotic beach resort. The VIP programme at an online casino can make this happen.

  • Special Events

If you have wanted to attend the concert of your favourite artist but were unable to get the tickets, the loyalty programme may just mail them to you. The same applies for sporting events as well. Want to watch the Super Bowl? No sweat, if you are a VIP.

  • Special Discounts

This will sound highly appealing to anyone who is a VIP. You could receive a whole range of discounts ranging from shopping to air tickets. Airline tickets might sound more attractive to the high roller, but you also could receive some amazing discounts on your favourite fashion brands.

Being a VIP is certainly a rewarding experience in more ways than one.